My New Design Board

I’ve been thinking about a design board for awhile. I have a small one – 16 x 16 – I bought years ago, and it never was big enough even though I work pretty small.

So in my email box comes a blog post from Alana Craft about making my own design board. Well, I never thought about doing that. Here is the link to her tutorial.

She’s using a new canvas, but I just happened to have this canvas  (24 x 36) I painted several years ago in a local art class. I never liked it and I’ve been waiting to do something with the canvas. What a great idea to cover it with batting.

But first I had to paint over it since the colors showed through the batting. I got out my gesso and painted it white.

It took a couple coats. Then I stapled on the batting and now I have my very own design board. I don’t have a wall to hang it, but I’ll be able to prop it up on my table to look at it.  Here it is on the floor.

Now to start designing. These pieces have been sitting on my table waiting for me. I’m not sure where I’m going with these, but really looking forward to creating something.

Meanwhile, while digging for batting to use on my new design board, I found these bracelets I made several years ago with gel plate printed fabric.

I’m finally getting my sun garden weeded and mulched. Since the weather has turned really hot, we’ve been getting up at 5:30 to get out and get the gardening done before it’s too hot. Today’s session started at 6 and it was hot even that early.

This area is where I had lavender until this year. I lost all of my lavender plants this year except for one. Last year I added the irises on each side of the bed and they did well. So I’ll be planting more irises to fill up this area.

Here is a full view of the sun garden.

Then this lovely greeted me today after my gardening session.

And the blueberries are turning.

Hope you are keeping cool if it’s hot in your area. I’d love to hear about your design boards and whether they have been helpful.