Saturday’s Art Workshop

I was so fortunate to be asked to be part of an art workshop last Saturday. The Fashion Art Design Collective: the fiber series took place at the Sauced Ballroom in downtown Evansville. There were four of us who taught mini-workshops.

We started off the day with introductions, and a little bit about us. No picture of me since I was taking the pictures.

My friend Dawn Murtaugh, who gave me all of those old dyes, started off the day talking about color, and then showing how to make small landscape cards using bits of fabric.


I was up next with my leaf printing class.


After a delicious lunch, it was time for Scarlet Fields. But let’s look at lunch first!

Next on to Scarlet’s class. She taught how to make and embellish Frida patches.


The session to end this fun day was with Emily Gartner. She is the brains behind this event and a wonderful artist. Her whole focus is upcycling fashion – taking those pieces from your closet you don’t wear but can’t seem to let go of, and making them new and fun again. She showed us her upcycled pieces, and then gave suggestions to the students on items they brought.



This is the first time I’ve taught a class that was included in a day with other local artists and it sure was fun! I’m looking forward to what Emily has planned for the future.

Regarding the last post with Dawn’s dyes, I’ve decided to redye Royal Blue. I’ll be including a tutorial on the way I low immersion dye on my next post. Hope to see you then.