Curry Chicken Salad

Many years ago when I was going through a tough time, the only thing I wanted to eat was Maxine’s (a local deli) curry chicken salad. I never even thought about making it until about 13 years later when my future hubby and I traveled to the Smoky Mountains. There we ate at Sister Cats, a great little cafe that served a wonderful curry chicken salad with cranberries. Back in 2005 I really didn’t eat cranberries unless it was Thanksgiving, so this was new to me. We came home and decided to make our own curry chicken. It’s pretty basic, but if you like curry, it’s a keeper. It’s also one of those recipes where you just add to taste, something mom used to do all of the time.

Curry Chicken Salad (serves 2)

1 grilled or baked chicken breast

Light mayo


dried cranberries

curry powder

Cut up chicken in small pieces and cover with curry powder. Mix in other ingredients to taste. Simple as that!

Curry chicken salad with pita wedges
Curry chicken salad with pita wedges