2009 Christmas Cards – Digital Wins!

I’ve always loved making my own Christmas cards. I don’t make them every year, although I always plan to. Last year, I decided that I was way too stressed. When making my De-Stress List, I decided that they were one of the things I needed to pass on so I could free up some time. So this year I planned to start early and get these completed before I start on the gifts. Since it’s not all about me anymore, I asked hubby if he had any pictures he’d like on our Christmas card this year. We ended up with two of his and one of mine, all shots from the cold, icy, and snowy 2008 winter.

I used Photoshop years ago when I owned my own writing/graphic design business but never really had a handle on the program. I could muddle my way through, fixing client’s logos and even creating some, but never used it like I believe it wanted to be used. I’ve upgraded my Mac a couple times since closing that biz, and discovered that Photoshop Elements would probably do as much as I needed to do, so I purchased PSE6. After hardly touching it, I upgraded to PSE8 and purchased Learn Digital Scrapbooking. I can’t say I’ve gone through all of the lessons yet, but it has really encouraged me to use this program.

Our 2009 Christmas Cards
Our 2009 Christmas Cards

My cards this year were designed in PE8, although I still use my trusty Quark Xpress for the card layout. In the past, I’ve just used Quark, so I’m at least weaning myself a tad from that great program. After printing out several of the fronts, cutting them out and fighting with the glue runners, I decided to give up hybrid and go totally digital. The card in the front on blue cardstock is one of the few hybrids we’ll be sending this year. I love the hybrid cards, but they just take so much time and I really hate the glues. Any recommendations out there? Mine always break and I never get to use the whole product.

So due to changing to digital, I’m on the home stretch with finishing my Christmas cards this year, and it’s only December 3rd! I’m not giving up on hybrid, but will save that for the individual projects I have planned. What about you? Digital or Hybrid or neither?