Lavender Bath Bags Gifts

[donotprint] Since moving to Happy Acres in 2007, I have much more room and sun to grow plants. I love the smell of lavender so I added several lavender plants to our growing landscape of plants.

Part of this summer's harvest
Part of this summer's harvest

This year I wanted to make something from our lavender, but since this is the first harvest it needed to be a gift that didn’t require a whole lot of the plant. I decided on Lavender bath bags. They are simple and if the gift recipient doesn’t take baths, she could use it to freshen up her drawers or tuck in her pillow at night for a restful sleep.

The mix is easy to make, even if you need to purchase the lavender. I found the muslin bags online, although if you are good with the sewing machine, they would be easy to whip up. I put several of them in my cute snowman bags and added my Happy Acres label and instructions. [/donotprint]

Lavender Bath Mixture and Bags
Lavender Bath Mixture and Bags

Lavender Bath Bags [print_link]

1 cup oats (blended to make oatmeal)

1/2 cup dried lavender

Muslin Bags with drawstrings

Mix the oats and lavender together and pour into bags.

Direction for use: After filling the tub, swish the bag through the hot water. Hang the sachet on the tap to dry. It can be used several times. This recipe makes at least 6 small bags.

I love making these gifts from our garden and there is even some left for me to enjoy!