How To: Snippet Roll

In my quest to use my scraps, I decided to make a snippet roll. This is not a new idea. In fact, the very first article I found about them was written in 2011. I’ve been seeing them a lot in the past year or so, but just didn’t take the time to make one. Staring at that big bag of scraps, I thought it was time.

I need to warn you – this is a time suck.  It’s a bit overwhelming for me. Just deciding which scraps you are going to use, and then adding more and embellishments, it almost made me drop the idea. However, I’ve really been wanting to make one since I first saw them so here goes.

This is just one way to make them. I started with canvas. You could use any fabric as the base. I tore the canvas 5 1/2 inches wide for the whole length of the fabric. But as I got into it, I decided I’d only make it 28 inches long. No reason for that length – just enough for me to deal with right now.

Then to make it easier to keep all the pieces on the canvas before I stitched them down, I ironed on Heat N Bond Lite. You can use any type of fusible or even glue. I just happened to have this around.

Then I started adding scraps.

Here I am at the end. Right now it’s pretty ugly. I had to remind myself that it would get better.

Now is a good time to clean up the edges.

And this looks much better but far from being done.

Now to add another layer. I did zigzag a few of the pieces down, and then decided to just cover them with pieces of lace. I’ll be sewing over the lace so they’ll all stay down.

Next I got out my yarns and ribbons to add more to the mix. I’m liking it more and more.

The next part is to add buttons and other embellishments. Since I plan to cut this up, I am not going to add those embellishments until then. So now to cut it, and this depends on what I want to use it for.

Next to zigzag the edges.

I really like this piece, but it needs more so to the button drawer I went.

Still not sure it’s done yet. I’ll sleep on it. Here are five I cut up with buttons attached.

Looks like they will go on cards, but not sure I’m done adding stuff! That was fun, and a great way to get rid of scraps. Have you ever made one of these? I’m linking up with Off The Wall Friday.