Love Those Homemade/Handmade Presents!

As I am finishing my catnip mice for my friends’ furry kids, dipping some pretzels, and bagging up the biscotti and lavender bath bags, I am thinking about all of the wonderful homemade/handmade gifts I’ve received over the years. I love homemade presents. I love to make them, receive them, and buy them for gifts.

My brother John always made presents for Christmas. Every year I looked forward to his gift. One year it was Humpty Dumpty beanbag toy – not sure if that was a message or not for me, but I loved it. The insulator candle holders were a hit, and my favorite of his gifts were the dime earrings. You can see them sitting on top of this jewelry box. Johnny pounded two dimes, punched holes in them, and then added ear wires. Pretty unique and so sweet!

Handmade jewelry box with handmade jewelry
Handmade jewelry box with handmade jewelry

The other jewelry hanging out of this box, was made by my friend Barb – a necklace and earrings to match my wedding dress, birthday gifts, and one she gave to me because I saw it in her jewelry box and said, “Oh, that’s so pretty!” They are all resting in this beautiful jewelry box handcrafted by my hubby.

Other gifts from the past include embroidered sheets with our initials from Marsha that we use on our bed daily, a cross stitch picture Deb made many years ago with the saying “Blessed are they who are pleasant to be with,” and the beautiful wood tray crafted by Barb’s hubby Ken.

There is something special about receiving homemade gifts. They come from the heart. However, as for giving these gifts, I still have trouble feeling that they are enough and often buy something to add value to my gifts. Sometimes, if I can find the right gift, it will be homemade by someone else. This year I bought several of those including a beautiful basket and candle holder from vendors at the local Christmas fair.

I’d like to take the pledge to buy only handmade for gifts (or  make them myself), but I’m not quite to that point. Maybe next year.