Ice Storm 2009 Revisited

The 2009 ice storm took place a year ago this week. Everywhere we looked we saw branches down and large trees torn in half.  Our three large trees near our house, including a huge Mulberry received the most damage on our property, although most of our trees were damaged.  With the downed trees, the majority of the area was without power for over a week. We were fortunate. Our power was only off for four hours.

In the next month and a half, we spent many hours chainsawing and dragging the limbs to the road for county pick up. We did what we could, and then left the remaining damage to the experts. Even though we called our tree guys right after the storm,  due to all of the damage in the area they weren’t able to get to our trees until July!

Birdfeeders hang on the broken limbs

But even with all of the damage here and in our part of the world, there was so much beauty to behold.

Ice covered bluebird house

A snow storm is forcasted for this area tomorrow. They assured us that it’s not another ice storm. I am thankful.