Reverse Applique with four fabrics

I really love reverse applique. You can check out my tutorial here. However, I was only using a top and bottom fabric. Today I’m sewing reverse applique with four fabrics.


Julia with StitchesbyJulia has a great video on this technique. She starts with four 10-inch square fabrics. However, you can cut your fabric whatever size you want. I decided to go with the 10-inch squares. I start with these four fabrics I had printed or dyed awhile back.



I cut them into 10-inch squares.


From those 10-inch squares I cut four five-inch squares.


I placed them in stacks making sure all four stacks were different.


Now it’s time to free motion the design. Since I’m not real good at free motion, I drew my design first with one of those Frixion pens that I can erase later with my iron.


When I was happy with my design, I free motioned on the lines I had drawn.


After all four were sewn, I ironed them to get rid of the pen lines.


Now the real fun begins! Using a small scissors cut the different layers until you get a the design you like.

appliquefabrics 9

Here are all four 5-inch squares.


I was having so much fun I made another set with other fabric.


Here are both sets again together.


That was so easy and I loved the designs. They can be sewn together or used by themselves on a project, but I think I need to take one more step. I’ll leave that to my next post.

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Stay safe and healthy.