Sunday Roundup -April 5, 2020

Have you noticed how much people are blogging lately? Bloggers who only post weekly are posting every day or so.  And it’s not just bloggers, businesses are emailing so much.

For me, I am having a hard time putting my fingers to the keyboard. I’ve created several things to show you, and have even taken the pictures, but just haven’t felt like or wanted to take the time to write.

But today I wanted to let you know what’s going on. I’m up to almost 100 masks so they are taking a bit of my time. It’s great to use up that commercial fabric I’ve had for years. It also feels good to be doing something for others.


I broke down several weeks ago and bought a SewEzi table for my Juki. I must tell you that it was the best investment. I can’t believe how it’s changed my feeling about sewing on this fabulous machine. It’s the perfect height and sturdy for a portable table. I’d like to buy one more that I could share with my two vintage machines. If you are thinking about a sewing table, please check them out.


The kitties are usually in my studio. However, when I’m cutting fabric or elastic for these masks, they are banned and my door is closed.

Since I sew without shoes or slippers, my slippers are always on the floor. Puddin likes to sleep with them.



Ally practices her social distancing by laying in the window.


Molly has to check out my cat socks. She has been known to bat at the little cats on my feet.


The other night they must have had a party. In the morning I found their toy basket knocked over, and toys all over the living room floor.


But I am getting out, and there is lots to do. My first task was to clean out the asparagus bed, and get it ready. Here is the bed before I cleaned it out.


And the after picture. The wood and limbs were put over the walkways to keep the straw and cardboard down. We were having a big storm (It ended up a tornado less than a mile away) that evening, and I wanted to make sure everything didn’t blow away.



It won’t be long now until I’ll be harvesting asparagus!

Meanwhile, everything outside is oblivious to COVID-19. The Magnolia bloomed. Of course, they were all blown away with the storm, but they were so pretty.


My Hellebores (Lenten Roses) are really pretty this year.



I’m not getting out much except to the backyard and our daily neighborhood walk. Dave has decided that he wants to limit our contact, and volunteered to do the weekly grocery shopping.  I have been making all of these masks and made one for him. Last night I decided that I needed to make me one. I may not have the chance of wearing it, but here it is.



I look like a bank robber! I was smiling but it sure doesn’t look like it in my eyes. And that hair, I’m waiting now for those bangs to grow out!

Stay safe and well. We will get through this. And as always, thanks for dropping by.