Cocoa Butter Creamy Lotion

A couple years ago for Christmas I renewed an old interest in making beauty supplies. Several friends received peppermint lip balm, lavender eye pillows, and body cream. I notice just this past couple of weeks that I was running out of my face lotion and remembered the book I had purchased that year – Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles. Looking through the book I found this great recipe for Cocoa Butter Creamy Lotion. Not only is it good for the face, but also can be used as a body lotion.

Cocoa Butter Creamy Lotion

The trick in making this lotion’s creamy consistency is to make sure the oil and water solutions are about the same temperature. If not, they will separate or not even blend together. I had that problem two years ago ending up with body cream that was hard. Checking the temperatures, instead of guessing, is also really important in soap making since those liquids also need to be about the same temperature before mixing.  So I got out my trusty thermometer and checked on both solutions.

Some of the ingredients in this lotion are almond oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. It’s scented with sweet orange and tangerine essential oils making it smell oh, so yummy!

If you are interested in organic body care recipes, this is a great book.  Also, there are some great websites that have formulas for face and body lotions. Here are just a few: Glenbrook Farms, Natural Beauty WorkshopSoap Queen and my favorite Soap Making Essentials.

I’m all set for awhile with face and body lotion. Now it’s on to the hair!