Hosta potting

I know I have complained about the previous owners who did very little yard work here at Happy Acres. However, there is an upside to that. Due to their lack of interest in the outdoors, we have lots of plants to divide for the annual SWIMGA plant sale coming up May 1 and 2. These Royal Standard hostas were planted way too close to our tree. I’m now finally getting around to digging them up.

Royal Standard hostas

We’ve had guests feeding on these hostas recently.

deer damage

The deer like to visit our buffet of not only great hostas, but lots of great veggies! We’ve fenced our main garden, but can’t fence the whole place.

Anyway, I dug up some of them to finish my potting for the plant sale. We like to get the plants in pots for several weeks before the sale so the babies can get established before they go home to their new families.

Hostas to be potted

Then Dave had a great idea and moved his ole potting table to a convenient area for me to pot.¬† It was so neat to pot these babies on a nice bench. I don’t do much potting and he does most of his potting in the greenhouse. However, now that the table is in a great place, I’m sure I’ll use it more often.

Love this potting table!

Once they were all potted, I housed them near the screened porch. It looks like a deer may have taken a bite out of one of the other hostas I potted up last week, so I’ve move some of the irises and daylilies in front in hopes of discouraging an eating frenzy. I wouldn’t think they’d get that close to the house, but we’ve seen them sunbathing in the back yard in the middle of the day between our porch and that tree.

Some of the plant sale plants waiting

Then I had a few left that I planted down in front of the labyrinth wannabe area.

Hosta bed in front of the future labyrinth site

So I’m finally done with potting for the plant sale. Now to move on to other projects around here. Gotta get out there. Have a great day!