Iris Count #2

Well, the iris beds are gearing up to bloom. Every day I see more of the buds popping out. Again, I am amazed at how fast everything is coming out and how my areas of irises are changing from green spikes to flowers. This area of the main iris bed was replanted two years ago in the fall. Most of the irises did not bloom last year. I’m excited because that means that I will finally get to see what is in this bed, but also the iris holding area should really come alive this year.

Iris buds popping out

This will be my third year to keep a count of the irises here at Happy Acres. My second iris has been Dwarf Boo which was given to me by fellow master gardener Kris. However, it did not bloom this year and I’m not sure what happened or where it is now!

So my #3 iris has been moved to the #2 blooming position.

#2 - Two-tone purple MTB iris

This lovely iris has dark purple falls, light purple standards and a white beard with just a touch of yellow at the back. It also has a faint sweet smell. What makes this iris different from a lot of my irises is that it is 18 inches tall, but has a small blossom. In fact, the flower is the same size as the Burgundy Dwarf. The MTB (miniature tall bearded) irises are also known as “table irises” since they have long slender stems and smaller blossoms that are perfect for cut flower arrangements. To me they are so delicate looking and I’m so glad one of the former owners planted them for us to enjoy. I’ve also planted up several of these for the SWIMGA plant sale May 1 and 2.

Sidd on screened porch

Then there is Sidd who could care less about irises or asparagus or anything else. Sitting and sleeping in the sun in the screened porch is way up there on his favorite things to do in the spring.