Dreamsicle Face Lotion

When I was a kid, I just loved Dreamsicles. Well, I still do. We have a local ice cream shop here – a small neighborhood stand with just outdoor seating and a limited menu.  If you are looking for a variety of flavors with fancy smancy toppings, this is not your place. In addition to hamburgers and other grill offerings, they serve chocolate and vanilla soft serve. This small shop opens May 1 and closes sometime in October. Every week they post the flavor of the week on their portable sign out front. When they post ORANGE, hubby and I drop by several times to get one of those orange and vanilla swirls that remind me of dreamsicles and my childhood.

Yum! Can’t wait until May 1!

I’ve been looking for a face lotion to replace the one I currently spend big bucks on.  I wanted something very light. Being a recent follower of The Sage blog I started looking through some of her older posts and found a recipe for a  light facial cream. I hoped it was the consistency I desired. However, I was hesitant because I had made other “light” lotions that were too heavy and greasy.  Now I needed to gather all of the ingredients.

Getting ready to make lotion is so much easier than preparing to make soap. For lotion, I don’t need to cover the counter or have adult supervision! However, I still need to use our trusty scale to measure all of the ingredients.

When I make a recipe for the first time I try to make it the same as listed. However, I ended up not having everything so I made a couple substitutions. I substituted an extra 5 grams of apricot kernel oil for the aloe extract. Since I had some aloe water on hand, I substituted 56 grams of the water with aloe water. As a preservative I used 2.5 grams of Liquid Germall Plus instead of Germaben II. In her recipe she listed essential or fragrance oil as optional. I made the creamsicle blend from their scent blend recipes which is one part Vanilla Cream fragrance oil to two parts Orange essential oil.

Following her directions I melted all of the ingredients in the microwave except the preservative and the fragrance. After everything was melted I used my stick blender. I was getting kind of worried since it didn’t seem to thicken. But then I took a deep breath and all of a sudden, it was lotion!

Lotion almost ready

Then I added the preservative and the fragrance blend! Yum! Smells just like a dreamsicle. The lotion is so light and so similar in feel to my expensive lotion.  This recipe is a keeper.

Dreamsicle Face Lotion

I love making our own personal care products. I like knowing what is in the soap we use and the lotion I put on my face. Now  to decide what I’ll make next!