Irises and The Rain

It’s amazing what a little rain will do in the garden. It finally rained some yesterday and last night amounting to around an inch. The next batch of rain may come with severe storms. I’m hurrying to get this posted before those storms show up.

I took my daily stroll around the grounds to see how everything was doing and to see if #3 iris had bloomed.


The #3 iris in my count is what I think of when I think of grandma’s irises. It’s a medium bearded iris at 29 inches. It has dark purple falls, light purple standards with a yellow beard. If anyone out there knows the name of this old fashion iris, please let me know.

#4 - Frequent Flyer

Then I looked and there was # 4 Frequent Flyer. What a surprise that she opened already. She’s at both ends of the iris holding area and such a beauty! She is a tall bearded iris standing 36 inches. She has ruffled white blooms with pale lemon beards and a nice clean fragrance. She was given to me by my master gardener friend Kris. Kris, thanks a bunch. I do love her!

But it’s not all about irises around here at Happy Acres. Our hostas (Albo-marginata) out front act like they are on steroids.

The rain has also helped our blueberries. One of our newer bushes’ (Patriot) berries will be turning soon.

Patriot Blueberries

The variegated Weigela is blooming. There are two at the front of our house.

Variegated Weigela

The Spiderwort is also just starting to bloom. I brought this plant from my last home. When I purchased that home in 2000, I asked the realtor what that interesting plant was. She said it was a weed! Well, it sure grows like a weed but I still love it.


It was nicknamed Spiderwort because the angular leaf arrangement resembled a squatting spider.  I love it because it blooms all summer.

Last but not least in this tour of the garden after the rain is the asparagus patch.

I harvested 6.4 ounces this morning. Well, that’s all for today. Looks like the storm is approaching. Let’s hope it’s a calm one.