And The Count Goes On…

The iris count continues. You would think I’ve never seen irises as excited as I get to see what’s blooming in the yard. Here are the next four that have bloomed in the last couple of days.

#5 Light Yellow Edged

#5 is a Tall Bearded Iris with light yellow-edged white falls and standards and yellow beards.

#6 White

#6 is an Intermediate Bearded (IB) iris at 18 inches and a much smaller blossom than Frequent Flyer. It has white falls and standards with bright gold beards. The falls have yellow stripes at the throat.

#7 Light Mauve

#7 is another beauty that came with the house. She’s a Tall Bearded (TB) iris at 36 inches. She has light mauve falls and standards and gold beards.

#8 Istanbul

Now, #8 I know her name! I bought her two years ago and she finally has bloomed. She is Istanbul, a tall bearded (TB) iris. She has white falls edged in purple, light yellow standards and gold beards. She’s also a Rebloomer! What a beauty – but that’s what I say about all of them! If you recognize my “no name” irises, please let me know. I’d love to have names for all of them.

Today has been another busy day getting our plants ready for the SWIMGA plant sale this weekend. We transported some of them this morning and the rest will be picked up tonight. I’m always glad when they are finally on their way to find their new homes. However, I still have a few that are waiting to be taken to the Newburgh Garden Club (my local town club) plant sale which will take place May 8.