21 and counting..

Well, the count continues. The rain helped eight of the irises to bloom bringing my total to 21 different irises so far.

#9 two-tone mauve

#9 has dark mauve falls and light mauve standards with yellow beards. She’s a tall bearded iris. She was one of many that were here when we moved in.

#10 Germanica Spinoff Rebloomer

#10 is Germanica Spinoff that I purchased last fall at Robin’s Nest, a local nursery. She’s a beauty. Much prettier in person than was on the original plant tag. So glad I bought her.

#12 purple-edged white bearded

#12 is an interesting iris. However, just like our two different hostas, there seemed to be a lot of these at Happy Acres, so I’ve not been real fond of them. A little clump of them go a long way.

#13 translucent white with faint blue

#13 is another one of irises that didn’t bloom here before. Unlike Frequent Flyer, it’s petals are translucent and there is a hint of blue. The blue is really noticeable on the buds.

#14 Lt purple/dark purple TB

#14 is one of my favorite of the ones that were here when we moved in. I love the contrast of the dark and light petals.

#15 Light Blue Purple TB

#15 is a unique color and very hard to capture on film. It really is a cross between light blue and purple, although the camera seems to only see purple.

#16 Dark Burgundy TB

#16 is a dark burgundy iris with gold beards. It’s one of the tallest at 40 inches.

#17 Dark Purple TB

#17 is dark purple falls and standards with dark purple beards.

#18 Yellow and White IB

#18 is another iris that I love due to the color contrast of the falls and standards. She has dark yellow falls and white standards with gold beards and stands only 18 inches tall.

#19 Dave's Dark Yellow TB

#19 is one of the irises Dave brought from his farm when we moved here. I was surprised when he brought this and two other irises considering we were moving two households in two different states and there was so much to move. Also, we had no idea when we moved here that we would have such a selection of irises. This is a large yellow blossom with gold beards and stands 34 inches.

#20 two-tone bronze TB

#20 is another beauty.

#21 red/rust edged TB

I have trouble describing some of the iris colors especially #21. The falls are light yellow edged in red/rust with the standards a light rust, or at least that is what I would call it.

That’s all for now. I need to go out and label all of the duplicates that have bloomed since all of this rain. It will be nice knowing who everyone is this year – or at least all that bloom. Thanks for dropping by. Hope your Sunday is a blessed and sunny one.