Love them irises

Well, I am still counting them! I’ve used almost 100 tags so far which includes all of the duplicates. A lot of these were taken after it rained, which it’s been doing a lot here lately. Here is #22.

#22 Yellow

This is another iris Dave brought from his country home. It has a small blossom but is a tall iris at 31 inches.

#23 variegated iris

#23 was given to me by my master gardener friend Barbara. I loved the look of the variegated foliage but as she told me last year, the bloom is not anything to write about.

#24 Ziggy

This is Ziggy and she’s a rebloomer. I love this iris because it is so different. I bought this two years ago and it has finally bloomed.

#25 My Friend Jonathan

This lovely rebloomer I also bought two years ago and it first bloomed last year on November 20. I was so surprised to see him then so was anxious to see if he’d appear this spring.

#26 Siberian Iris

These are in the front and haven’t really gotten much attention from me until this year. Earlier this spring I cleaned up their area. They have thanked me by really blooming nicely this year.

#27 Cherib Smile

I bought this iris a couple years ago at our master gardeners’ conference. I just love this iris. She is so big (I know, big is not always better..) and sturdy and tall. I’m not a pink girl, but just love this iris!

#28 two-tone burgundy

#28 really bloomed earlier than it’s numbered. I seem to have trouble with these iris colors and I thought this was #9 which is two-tone mauve.  I had marked it #9 but I knew I had gotten it from an iris farm Kris and I visited last year. It couldn’t be #9 since that was one that was here already. I ended up cutting this blossom and taking it to #9 and it was not the same color.

#29 Jean Guymer

#29 is another rebloomer I purchased in 2008 and she finally bloomed this year. We’ve had so much rain and strong winds that I had to hold her up for her portrait.

#30 Carnival Song

This was a surprise. When Kris and I took that trip to an iris farm last year we purchased irises that were blooming so we knew what we were buying (except the ones in the grab bags). This was suppose to be Can Can Dancer. She’s pretty but not what I bought.  But she’s still pretty.

Shel could care less about irises and my count

Shel likes to sneak in my room and sleep, away from her siblings. I caught her this afternoon sleeping on top of my iris notes. More to come.