End of the Iris Road

Well, I think I am at the end of the road as far as counting our irises. As I mentioned in the last blog, many have still not bloomed, but looks like they won’t this year. Here are my last two.

#38 Black Purple Bearded Iris

#38 I purchased last year, but it didn’t have a name and only marked that it was black. This iris looks black until you get real close. This picture does not do it justice.

#39 Louisiana iris

#39 is a purple Louisiana iris. This one came with the house and has been growing behind the others in the old iris bed. I don’t remember seeing it the last couple of years although I had seen it’s leaves.

Now, on to the fruit!

Black Raspberries

This is our first year for the black raspberries and we are so excited to see them!


The blackberries are also coming on very well.

But what I’ve been waiting for… cherries.

One of the first cherries

They are just beginning to turn. The birds, of course, are also waiting for them. They’ve even eaten a few already! I’m hoping we’ll have enough for a couple cobblers and a few for the freezer.

Thanks for following my iris count. Due to my recent bout with poison ivy I wasn’t able to mark all of the duplicates, but I am in so much better shape as to what irises we have here than in the past. As of right now, I know we have at least 42 varieties. I look forward to watching for the rebloomers and seeing even more varieties next year.

I almost forgot! I spotted this white echinacea peeking out when I was weeding the slope garden yesterday.