Lessons all around us

I believe we can learn from a variety of teachers. For me, gardening has been a great teacher of late. From that love I have learned to accept those things I can’t control which included last year’s cherry-less trees.

Since my blueberry picking will soon begin, I wanted to share one of the lessons I have learned from them.

Last year after picking in one spot, I could bet the farm that I have picked every little jewel on that side of the bush. However, all I had to do was just step to the left or right and I’d see that I had missed a bunch. Or I would get on my trusty two-step ladder or walk to the opposite side of the bush, and there were many blues I had missed right in front of me. If I adjusted my position, if I changed my perspective, I seemed to be able to find more.

So this blueberry experience reminds me of life’s challenges. I know I’ve looked at a problem, large or small, in one limited way – almost tunnel vision. However, if like my blueberry picking, that if I look around, look up and look down – just change my perspective- I can find other solutions that might work.

I thought about writing about lessons learned because of a book I won. Several months ago I entered a giveaway on MoonCat Farms, and I won The Tao of Mia and Leo.

The Tao of Mia and Leo

In this fast read, Jeffra shares with her readers the lessons she’s learned from her cats. Some of her chapter lessons include Asking for what you want, Being true, Learn to enjoy your own company and Peace begins with me.

Through the years, my own cats have also offered me much needed insight. When Shel was a kitten she was allowed outside. It was her first autumn and as the wind blew the leaves around the yard, she ran and jumped hoping to catch them. She had found so much joy is just the simplest things. A great lesson for me to learn. Now she spends most of her time resting with occasional spurts of play with her sis Puddin.

Shel and Sidd resting

I find that lessons are all around me if I just keep an open mind and heart. Enough of my rambling today.