Moving On To Cherries

Well, asparagus harvesting is now just a memory. Today I got out early before the heat and weeded about a third of the asparagus patch. Won’t be long and the whole patch will be a mass of ferns. I just love that look. However, right now, it’s just a little bare and not really much to photograph.

Newly weeded asparagus patch

I’ve been checking the cherries every day. It looks like tomorrow may be cherry pickin’ day! I just hope to make it out there before the birds eat them all. Dave mentioned on his blog about our big mulberry tree which is also in bloom. I hope the birdies will again choose to eat the mulberries instead of all of the cherries. Meanwhile, here is how some of the cherries are looking today.

Almost ready to pick

This is the cherry tree that was here when we moved in. Two of the three others we planted have a couple cherries on them.

Our cherry tree all dressed up for the birds

I’m trying all kinds of things this year to keep the birds away. The last couple of years I hung pie pans and cds. I decided to try strips of cloth this year. Not sure it will keep the birds away but looks kind of funky.  I just love seeing the tree full of red.

Meanwhile Dave has been harvesting strawberries every day which we’ve enjoyed on our breakfast yogurt.

On Tuesdays Dave volunteers at the local soup kitchen. I usually spend part of the day cleaning, but I also like to often surprise him when he gets home with something I’ve whipped up. Tonight it will be a dessert using those strawberries. I’ll post the recipe and pictures tomorrow.