I’m just waiting on the cherries

Well, we went out to check on the cherry tree and they are not quite ready. Looks like it will be tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the alliums are looking good. This is my first year to grow them. The Schubertii is not as tall as I thought it would be so looks like I’ll be moving them in the fall.


I have never seen them in bloom and as I was told, not really anything special. However, what I love is how they look when they are dry.


I planted the Christophii between the hostas in the front. As with the others, they were just not tall enough for this area. About half of them I can see like this one, and the others are under the leaves. Looks like they will also be moved.

Lastly, I planted caeruleum in the front circle beds.


I did not realize they were SO small! I just reread the description and the head is only the size of a quarter. Well, no wonder they are so small! Looks like they will also get moved this fall. So much for my alliums this year.

Oh, before I forget, yesterday I made shortcake for dessert to go with all of our fresh picked strawberries. I found this recipe on the Mayo Clinic site. It was fast, easy, healthy, and good. However, it’s not very sweet.

Shortbread right out of the oven
Strawberry Shortcake