Fresh Lavender Wreath

It’s been real smelly around here lately. I’ve been harvesting lavender. I harvested Dilly Dilly in Dave’s Butterfly Garden and couldn’t stop singing “Lavender blue dilly dilly, Lavender green dilly, dilly …” Dave hadn’t heard of the song sung by many, but the one I remember was by Burl Ives. If you’ve never heard it – check it out Here.

Anyway, after harvesting Dilly Dilly I was on to Provence and Grosso.

First Grosso Harvest

We have four Grosso plants.

Grosso ready to hang to dry

This harvest was just from one plant!

Then I went out and harvested about half of the second plant and decided to make a wreath. Now, I need to tell you that I have NEVER made a wreath before of anything! So this was a challenge.

So after a trip to Michael’s where I got more advice on this project than I really wanted or needed – he wanted me to add ivy. He also said he didn’t like using real plants in wreaths. Oh well! Anyway, I purchased what I thought would work and then home to put this together. Here are my supplies: straw wreath base, scissors, florist pins, moss, wire, and the lavender.

Wreath Supplies

First I covered the top of the wreath in moss. I thought that would give it a nice color.

Moss-covered Wreath Base

I then started attaching the lavender to the base.

I learned quickly that I needed to make wired bunches of lavender before attaching them to the base. Otherwise the lavender just went everywhere. When I added the first two bunches I cut the wire and attached them separately- not the right thing to do. I needed to start wiring and just wire the whole wreath at one time, tying it off at the end.

I continued around the wreath until it was complete. Since I didn’t have a large amount of lavender to use, it didn’t cover the inside of the wreath. So after completing the lavender, I added moss to the center to cover up the base.

Here is the finished project.

The next wreath I will use more lavender so that it covers the inside of the base. I’m not sure I need moss but I thought it would add a nice touch. It does look a bit funky, but really looks much better in person than in the photo. It really smells good and after it dries I can always use the buds in our soap!