Rainy Day Activities

Well, it finally rained! I’ve never wanted rain so badly in my whole life (I may be exaggerating a bit). Dave and I harvested at the church garden yesterday morning instead of today. We thought it might be a tad less soupy then it would be today if we ended up with more rain.

Harvesting in a wet garden is like walking in quicksand. Well, I really don’t have any experience in quicksand, but can imagine. I was sure I was going to be swallowed up by the mud and be gone by the time Dave returned from the cucumber plot a short distance away.

Anyway, after cleaning up, I dropped the produce off at the United Caring Shelters, where they always seem happy to receive it. They serve 3 meals a day, 365 days a year. We have so many great agencies that help feed the hungry.

Oh, when I dropped off our harvest on Monday at Potter’s Wheel, I asked Kathy, the cook,  if she needed help with the prep. They serve meals on Tuesday and Saturday, with prep for the Tuesday meal on Monday morning. That was the main reason we chose them for the Monday harvest so they could have the produce fresh for Tuesday’s meal if they choose to use it. Well, I stayed and helped them prep. It was so neat that they used our cukes to make cucumber salad and our zukes and squash to make another dish, all to be served on Tuesday!

When Dave and I talked about this church community garden, our goal was to provide fresh food that would get into the hands (and mouths) of those who ate at these soup kitchens. It was so neat to see that happen. It was also great to hear from Kathy what she’d love to receive from this garden in the future.

After dropping off the produce, I stopped by the farmer’s market and picked up our second CSA allotment. It was so good to see all of local vendors selling their produce. Since we grow most of what we eat, I passed them by, picked up our blue Stonewall Farms bag and headed on home.

When I arrived home, Dave had gathered everything together for us to have tacos. It’s so great having my very own cook! After lunch I whisked Sidd to the vet for a blood draw. I’ll find out today what, if anything, is wrong with my ole boy.

Then it was time for some rest. I headed to the porch, with my Diet Coke with added lime and a novel I bought some time back before the gardens went wild. I know I didn’t read many pages before I was gone to la la land. But that wouldn’t last long. I had some projects I wanted to work on which include ordering some necessary items. By the time I finished ordering and reading email, it was time for dinner.

I’m so glad it rained, but that means more to do. The asparagus patch is so weedy and it’s been so hard to work on it since the soil had turned to concrete. Now I should be able to clean it up. And the daily blueberry picking is due.  I believe there are more tomatoes to harvest and dry. Just another beautiful and busy day here at Happy Acres. Who said retirement was boring?