Blackberry Jello Recipe

I really had not thought about making jello out of our blackberries until I came across this post on A House Called Nut. What a great idea! Dave and I love jello and eat it almost every night as an evening snack, so I thought it would be a great way to use some of this fruit.

I googled and found several recipes. If they used fruit, they didn’t give an amount and one even said to put water with the fruit. I tried that and there was little blackberry taste.

So here is my recipe.


Blackberry Jello

4 cups of fresh or frozen fruit (makes 1.5 cups of juice)

1 envelope of unflavored gelatin

1/2 cup of water

Sugar, honey, or sweetener to taste. [/stextbox]

So let’s get started!

I put blackberries in a sauce pan.

Blackberries in saucepan

I simmered them bringing them to a boil. Then I turned off the heat and gently pushed down on them, releasing more juice.

I let them cool for awhile. It was now time to get rid of the pulp.

Pushing the juice through the cheesecloth

After pushing the juice through the cheesecloth I ended up with one and a half cups of juice.

Blackberry Juice

What a beautiful dark color! Now I put this in a jar and let it rest in the refrigerator until the morning. You don’t have to do that, but I wanted to let it set.

Then yesterday morning I took out the juice and returned it to the saucepan to bring to a boil. Meanwhile, I poured one half cup of water in my mixing container and sprinkled the envelope of unflavored gelatin. The gelatin needed to set for one minute.

Water with gelatin sprinkled on top

Once the juice came to a boil, I removed it from the heat, poured it into the gelatin water and stirred.

Blackberry Jello

Now it was time to sweeten to taste. We like Stevia so I added five little scoops of the sweetener to the jello. Since Dave likes everything a bit sweeter than I do, I had him taste it to be sure it was sweet enough for him. Then all I needed to do was to to pour it into our glass bowls and wait for it to set up.

Here is the finished product. It has a deep blackberry taste and a beautiful color. It might be a tad heavy on the juice making it more of the consistency of an aspic than a jello. To make it a little lighter, you could cut back on the juice to 1 cup and then use 1 cup water. I’ll try that next time. However, I really like the full-flavor of the blackberries and the consistency. It sure beats store-bought jello.

I want to try this with strawberries and peaches too. Yum!