Cool Blackberry Pops

It sure has been hot here!

I remember as a kid, we just loved to hear that guy peddling the bicycle with a refrigerated case on the front yelling, “Popsicle Man.” I’d run inside and ask mom for a few cents for my favorite treat. By the time I got back to the street, the popsicle man would be surrounded by the neighborhood kids. Dreamsicles were my favorite, but I also loved cherry and grape popsicles.

I wondered if the “Popsicle Man” was still around since I’ve not seen one in my neck of the woods for years. I did come upon this picture of the new and updated “Ice Queen” located in Wisconsin. Check her out here. The boys in our neighborhood sure would have liked her!

Since we are blessed with so many blackberries, I thought blackberry popsicles would help cool us off. But did I still have that popsicle holder from years ago? Yes, there it was on the top shelf where other rarely used kitchen equipment live.

I surfed the web to find recipes and found lots of ideas. I ended up making blackberry juice, and then adding some milk, a little yogurt, and stevia.

Making Blackberry Popsicles
Filling the popsicle holder

After letting them freeze for several hours, they were ready.

Blackberry Popsicle
Blackberry Popsicle

They were yummy, but not quite sweet enough for our taste. I’ll have to do a bit more tweaking to get them to perfect.

Meanwhile, I had a bit of peach smoothie left over the other morning, so I poured it into the popsicle holder.

Peach Smoothie Pop
Peach Smoothie Pop

Yum! That was delicious. Just another way to use up some of those blackberries, or even some leftover smoothie.