Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign” the song sung by the Five Man Electric Band came to my mind last night as I took a stroll by the river at sunset. If you’ve not heard this song from those ole hippy days – here it is.

Anyway, back to my walk. I was walking on the bike path by the Ohio River in the downtown of this small burg we live in and I was surprised at all of the signs. I took my camera to catch the sunset, but ended up shooting the signs. Yes, I agree with this one.

scenic route

The beginning of this walk.

Bike route

Let’s get started.

Bike RouteDon’t tell anyone but there was a rollerblader on this path.

Trash cans even had signs on them.

Trash can with sign

I couldn’t believe there were two of these signs on this small bike path.

T sign

Signs on top of another sign.


Love this sign – sure!

Do Not Enter

One of my favorite signs when I’m out and about. I had no idea there was one of these down at the river.

Restroom sign

Walking down to the boat launch, right off of the bike path –


Then back on the path – I don’t remember ever seeing a sign like this before.

Now for a little history.

There were several other signs, but I thought those were enough for today’s blog. After my walk, I sat down on one of these benches that also had signs on them!

Bike Route Benches

I was amazed at all of the signs in just a small area. Oh, I did miss the sunset. Guess I’ll catch it another day. Thanks for dropping by and letting me rant about the signs.