Soap #6 Olive Oil Update

Well, I finally tried the Calendula Olive Oil soap I made for my friend Marsha. If you missed the post, here is the recipe.

Calendula Olive Oil Soap
Calendula Olive Oil Soap

It has a great lather and feels really conditioning on the skin. Since it is 90% olive oil, it is a soft soap and probably won’t last long. But I’m happy with how it feels.

So yesterday I took the pretty bar (if you remember I was only able to get one out of the mold that looked normal!) to Marsha’s for her to try it. She just called this afternoon to tell me that she loves it! She likes the way it feels on her skin. Wow! Now that’s exciting. As I mentioned on the previous post, I’ve been researching a soap I could make her due to all of her allergies and this one works. Now to make it again and see if I can get it out of the mold easier!

We’ll be gearing up for soaping in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!