Three More Soaps

We made three more soaps over a month ago. I’ve been wanting to post about them, but just haven’t had the time.

The first is Lily of the Valley Olive Oil Soap.

Lily of the Valley Olive Oil Soap
Lily of the Valley Olive Oil Soap

This recipe is the same of the Calendula Olive Oil soap except I left out the calendula and added lily of the valley fragrance oil. We also substituted goats milk for the water. I had so much trouble with getting that soap out of the mold, but learned a couple of tricks from some of my online soap groups. For this batch I sprayed the molds with olive oil and waited a week to unmold it, instead of 24 hours. It was still soft and maybe next time we’ll wait two weeks, but they turned out beautiful. Supposedly you should let it cure for a year. It can be used now, but it is still soft and won’t last as long.

Spearmint Hand Soap
Spearmint Hand Soap

This soap is a winner. It’s just the olive, palm, and coconut oils with some lanolin. For the water we used green mint tea which gave it a bit of a tan color and added pumice, spearmint essential oil, and castor oil at trace. A great hand soap.

The last one is Chocolate Goats Milk Soap.

Chocolate Goats Milk Soap
Chocolate Goats Milk Soap

This soap really smells chocolately!

Chocolate Goats Milk Soap [print_link]

35% olive oil

30% coconut oil

20% palm oil

10% cocoa butter

5% avocado butter

Goats Milk – 12 ounces or 342 grams

Lye – 4.5 ounces or 127 grams

Chocolate Mousse fragrance oil – 2 tablespoons (added at trace)

2 ounces wheat germ oil (added at trace)

Follow the procedures for cold process soap. Also, be sure and check all recipes you find either here or anywhere on the web using a soap calculator.

Here they are all dressed and ready to be given away.

Happy Acres Soaps
Happy Acres Soaps

It has been so much fun making soap this year. It’s also something we enjoy doing together. And there is more soap to be made in 2011!