Craft Apps

No, I’ve not moved into the 21st century. However, I know that many of you have.

I had no idea that there were craft apps available. So for all of my techies friends, I thought I’d see what apps might be out there to help you with your crafting.


One that has just been released is Interweave’s Knitting Daily and it’s free!

The Knitting Daily app offers fans the latest Knitting Daily blog posts and videos so they can read and watch their favorite content on the go—wherever they are, and whenever they want.

The app includes knitting lessons and tips from the industry’s leading experts, information on the latest knitting patterns, interviews with knitwear designers and celebrity authors, and news about what’s happening behind-the-scenes at Interweave Knits and Knitscene magazines. New videos and blog posts are added each week to this customized mobile version of the Knitting Daily online community. Also included in the app is a glossary of knitting terms, search features, and options for sharing favorite items on Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail.
iPad users also can download the free knitting app and view it in small format or enlarged (2x) size. Content is updated each time users open the app and there is no need to purchase updates or subscriptions.

The app is available for free download here.


This app from Disney Family Fun is geared toward craft ideas for the family. When looking for crafts you can select age level, the time needed for the craft, and the occasion (Christmas, Easter, Summer, etc).

You receive step-by-step instructions with detailed pictures. In addition to be able to create a shopping list of those items needed for your next project, you can organized the status of your projects from completed and in progress to “want to do someday.”   You can find it here.


This app gives crafters access to many craft video tutorials for all types of craft projects, all skill levels, and age groups. Videos are constantly being updated. Check out their app here.


Etsy has a variety of apps – way too many to mention here  – that will give you pretty much any information about Etsy that you would like at your fingertips. Etsy Vintage Timeline arranges vintage listings by date so you can see how things have changed through the ages. The Etsy Bazaar is a fast way to visually discover shops and listings on Etsy. If you have a shop you can get all kinds of information on your customers and your stock and even print out a pdf catalog of your shop listings to take with you to shows. Pretty cool! Check them all out here.


This app gives you all kinds of information on making soap and candles. In addition to in depth information on oils and fats used in soap making, it includes recipes and the history of soap making. There also is information on the raw materials used in candle making, new methods on rendering tallow and information of preparing wicks, dipping candles, and more.  You can get that app here.

But for me I’ll stick with surfing from this Mac in my studio/woman cave and looking at these, my favorite magazines.

My Favorite Magazines
My Favorite Magazines