Spinner Fabric Art

I’ve had this art spinner for quite awhile. In the past I used it to make colorful pieces of paper for cards.

I’ve been so into fabric lately so I decided to try using fabric instead of paper with those Claudine Hellmuth Studio acrylics. So I got out my trusty spinner and played.

You are limited to the size of the material since it needs to fit into the machine to spin. I ended up taping the muslin fabric down to the spinner with painters tape.

This one really looked like tye dye. I had watered down the acrylics and squirted them on the fabric as the spinner did its thing.

You really don’t know how it’s going to turn out when the machine stops which is part of the fun.

Then I used the Lumiere metallic acrylic paints and drizzled them on black cotton.

The problem is the size. The largest you can make is 5 inches by 6 inches. The fabric needs to be taped down or it will fly up and out Рnot pretty when it lands on the carpet or on another project! However, if you like to work in small, this would be a great project, easy and a surprise every time.  The art spinners can be purchased in the kids toy section of most stores or online. Mine comes with funky music and lights which I disable, but there are a variety out there. And if you are into paper, you can make some cool cards.

Just another day of play at Happy Acres. Hope you are all staying warm.