Cherry Almond Scones

I love scones. They aren’t something I eat very often, but I’ve been really wanting to make some for a long time. I figured that they can’t be too difficult. If I can make biscotti, surely I can make scones.

So last week I opened up this book again and made Cherry Almond scones, adapted from the Oat and Currant Scone recipe in this book. They are mostly whole wheat flour and oats so they are somewhat healthy!

Whole Grain Baking
Whole Grain Baking

I don’t have a scones pan (yet), so I cut them by hand. First after mixing the ingredients, I formed a circle with half of the dough and flattened it.

Six inch circle of dough

Then I cut the dough into wedges.

Scones cut

They are then transferred to the baking sheet, leaving about an inch between them. The tops are brushed with milk.

Brushing tops with milk

And then sprinkled with raw sugar.

Sprinkling with raw sugar

Bake until golden brown.

Cherry Almond Scones

Then enjoy!


These were really good. They didn’t rise as high as the ones at the local coffee shop, but they were really tasty. The leftovers were sent to the freezer. By the way, they are great right out of the freezer!