Organizing the Freezer

I’ve been doing some organizing lately since we’ve not had a lot of nice weather yet to get out and work in the yard.

Since hubby grows most of what we eat and grows a lot of it, we really use our freezer. After combining our households and walking down the aisle, we realized when the the veggies and fruit began to come into the house, we needed some type of system to keep track of our food. So we devised this list that hangs on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

I usually update it in the spring and then in the fall after most of the freezing is completed. By the time I get around to updating it, the sheet is pretty hard to read. I always do an inventory before typing up the new list because even though we try to mark off items we get out of the freezer, sometimes we forget.

The other day I took a couple hours and braved the cold (freezer) to recount our stock. Now I’m done for another six months and we have a nice updated list.

Updated Freezer List
Updated Freezer List

Looks like we have a couple bags of green beans and broccoli from 09 we need to eat. And if you are wondering about the cherries, our harvest has been so sparse that it’s really hard for me to part with them. But we really need to eat those 08 ones. Hopefully, this will be a good cherry year.

Now, if I could just get the pantry and the refrigerator freezer this organized.