Banana-licious Olive Oil Soap

As mentioned earlier, we tried our hand a couple weeks ago at making a 100% olive oil soap. I was really kind of scared to try this. We had made 90% olive oil soap this past year and it was so hard to get out of the mold. However, we loved the 100% olive oil/ goat milk soap that we bought in Florida we just had to give this a go. And the worse thing that could happen is we’d have to throw it out or rebatch it.

So here is what this soap looked like after pouring it into the molds. It was so yellow and really pretty. It also smelled wonderful!

Soap in molds
Banana-licious Olive Oil Soap in molds


Happy Acres Banana-licious Olive Oil Soap [print_link]

Olive Oil (100%) 900 grams

goat milk – 342 grams (frozen)

lye – 115 grams

2 Tablespoons Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil

This makes 3 lbs of soap or 10 bars. (We use a 4 lb mold.) As with any recipe you get off of the internet, please run this through one of the calculators. This one is my favorite.

Please refer to the cold process instructions here. The frozen goat milk is put in the lye container. We then added the lye little by little as it melted the goat milk. Fragrance oil is added at trace. Trace took 10 minutes which seemed like eternity!

I didn’t mention this in the last soap post, but I would not attempt a goat milk soap or this 100% olive oil soap as a first soap. Our basic soap is a great one to start out with and it is a wonderful soap.

Well, we left this soap in the mold until yesterday since we were gone on vacation for over a week. Before we left, it was still too soft to unmold. Anyway, here it is. Since it is 100% olive oil soap, we’ll need to let it cure for several months.

Banana olive oil soap
Banana-licious Olive Oil soap

The smell is wonderful. As you can see the soap really darkened up from the pour.¬† We are encouraged by the results of this 100% olive oil soap that I’m sure we’ll make more in the future.