Balzer Stencils: Herringbone and Wonky Circles

I mentioned before our trip that I received several of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s new stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop. Here is how I used the Summer stencil.

Here are a couple more of the stencils and what I did with them. The first up is Herringbone.

TCW228 Herringbone
Herringbone Stencil

What’s neat about stencils is you don’t have to use the whole stencil. I used it as backgrounds for two of my unfinished journal pages. This one is very delicate. I used¬† stamp pads with sponges to color the stencil.

Herringbone Stencil colored with stamp pad

The next one I had already painted the background and then just added the stencil. Then took the paint pen and painted on top of the stenciling.

Herringbone stencil with paint pen over acrylic

The next stencil is Wonky Circles.

TCW220 Wonky Circles
Wonky Circles Stencil

I had forgotten that I used it on a page in my August journal.

Journal page with wonky circle stencil
Journal page with wonky circles stencil

This is another page I made using this stencil.

Wonky Circles journal page
Wonky Circles journal page

You will notice I didn’t use the complete stencil. I also used the circles around the edges and the little stars in different areas on the page.

It has been a long time since I’ve really played with stencils and they are so much fun!! I’ll be moving them to fabric next! Please stay tuned.

These fun stencils come in 6 x 6 and 12 x 12. If you are interested in purchasing Julie’s stencils, go to Julie’s shop.