Being Grateful


I really love Thanksgiving. It’s not about the food (we usually eat a small, non-turkey meal on Thursday after volunteering at Christian Life Center). To me, this day is all about being grateful.

In the past, I’ve made gratitude journals. It’s a great place to have all of these thoughts in one place.

2010 Gratitude Journal

In 2009, I taught an online class called “Monthly Write” where once a month we’d complete a page with four writing prompts. One of the prompts we completed every month was “I am grateful for…”

This exercise helped get us in the habit of thinking about gratitude at least once a month.

Here are excerpts from some of my 2009 grateful entries.

  • February – “I am grateful for the bird feeder Dave gave me for Valentine’s Day, and the birds that visit it right outside this window.”
  • April – “I’m grateful for the sun and warm breeze. It’s so nice to see winter leave and spring return.”
  • June  – “I am grateful for my health.”
  • August –  “I’m grateful for my parents who gave me a good life.”
  • October – “I’m grateful that the garden chores are almost done and we can take a needed rest.”

Gratitude is, to me, an important part of life – like eating and sleeping. Even those days when I just don’t feel grateful, all I have to do is look around and there is something I can count my blessings about.

I don’t write it down as much as I used to, but every night when my head hits the pillow, in that quiet time I say my prayers and recall what I’m thankful for that day. Sometimes the list is long. Other times it’s short. And often I drift off to sleep before I get to finish it.

On this Thanksgiving Day I am grateful for so much. I’m grateful that I woke up this morning. I’m grateful for my life partner who I met late in life. I’m grateful that Sidd made it through surgery last week. I’m grateful for my life and that I’m able to share it with you via this blog.

And I am grateful for all of you who take time from your busy life to read my posts and comment. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, may this day bring you joy, love, and good health.