Sunday ATCs

In the last session of my Fearless Art Journaling class, Teresa from the library gave everyone a cute envelope of blank atc cards to continue the art journey.

She’s holding a holiday tea in December at East Branch for those who have attended (and taught) the art classes this year where they will exchange these little works of art. Unfortunately, I can’t make the tea, but said I’d be glad to drop mine by before then.

In 2006, I was real involved online with making and trading atcs. It was so much fun. When I interviewed Kim Seeber about atcs for my newspaper column, all of the joy came back. Kim asked me to join her group, but I just don’t have the time now for that.

Back then I would never even thought about painting atcs. I focused on using my photographs or scrapbook paper.

Here are three where I used my photographs. Each swap had a theme. The top one with Sidd was a photography swap. The other two were quote and time swaps.

Some old atcs
Some old atcs

The following were postage stamp and seed catalog swaps.

more old atcs
Two more old atcs

Teresa didn’t give us a theme so I decided to just go with playing with paints. They didn’t all start out as red and black, but they ended up that way after layering.

My Atcs


atcsI used the mini daisy and Julie’s herringbone stencils. One of the products I’ve never used before was all-purpose inks. They sure were fun to play with. I’m not quite done with these cards yet since I feel they still need something – maybe a word or two!

It’s funny looking at the old atcs and my new ones. It really shows me how far I’ve come on being fearless! In the past I would read through my journals and see how far I’ve come emotionally and spiritually. With the atcs and the art journals I can see how far I’ve come artistically. Pretty cool!

Then I’ll attach my info on the back and drop them at the library.

I need to add that Sunday is one of my favorite day. I usually fix a frittata for lunch. We use our Stonewall Farms eggs, our dried tomatoes, peppers, and chard. I know I’ve talked about not liking chard, but it tastes great in this dish.

Frittata in pan
Frittata just out of the oven

Then add our spelt pitas, cut and baked crisp, and we have a wonderful, mostly local lunch.

Now that it’s Monday, I need to get my column done. Have a great week!