Coconut Cocoa Soap

We made so much soap last year, especially in November and December. I’ve wanted to blog about some of these new soaps but there just hasn’t been enough time. However, I just had to tell you about this one.

This is my favorite soap so far. However, I tend to say that after almost every bar we make! I love the color, the smell is yummy and it makes such great suds. I took a bar with me on vacation and love, love, loved using it in Hawaii!

Coconut Cocoa Soap
Coconut Cocoa Soap
Happy Acres Coconut Cocoa Soap [print_link]

Olive Oil (30%) 270 grams

Palm Oil (30%) 270 grams

Coconut Oil (25%) 225 grams

Castor Oil (5%) 45 grams

Cocoa Butter (10%) 90 grams

goat milk – 342 grams (frozen)

lye – 125 grams

2 Tablespoons Coconut Milk Fragrance Oil

4 Tablespoons Avocado oil at trace

This makes 2 lbs of soap or 10 bars. As with any recipe you get off of the internet, please run this through one of the calculators. This one is my favorite.

Please refer to the cold process instructions here. The frozen goat milk is put in the lye container. We then added the lye little by little as it melted the goat milk. Fragrance and Avocado oil are added at trace.

Since we’ve been making soap for two years, we now are working on tweaking our formulas. We have several soaps that are our favorites, but we are now experimenting with different essential and fragrance oils. We’ve not worked much with color, so we’ll be looking to include color with natural ingredients. (No crayons on our bodies!!)

This month we will be presenting a soap making demo to a new group, Evansville Homesteading. They are mostly younger families who want to learn and share homemade and earth-friendly products, gardening, and more. For me, it’s so good to see so many young people getting into “living off the land.” It’s also so much fun to share what we do.