Ace Update: Oh, how he has grown!

Ace came to live with us August 11. So yesterday it was 4 months. Such a short time, but then again it seems like he’s been in our lives forever.

Here is the picture of one of his first days here. He was such a tiny boy.

Ace in container
Here is Ace sitting in a container I had on the floor in my studio/woman cave.

Now he’s gotten to be an arm full!

Dave and Ace
September, October, and December

He and Puddin get along great.

Puddin and Ace playing
Puddin and Ace playing

However, we do hear growling and hissing from time-to-time. Puddin tries to escape Ace but it doesn’t often work. Below she tried to get some alone time on Dave’s recliner in his room, but that didn’t last long.

Puddin and Ace on recliner
Puddin and Ace on recliner

It’s been so much fun having a kitten in the house watching him run and jump. He’s so cute. It’s hard to be mad at him when he jumps in the sink or knocks over a plant. However, it has been an adjustment. In fact, we have changed our Christmas plans. We won’t have a live tree – it would not survive. Hopefully next year a lot of the kitten will be out of him and he’ll settle down a bit.

For Puddin it has been a real new experience since most of her life she’s lived with my older cats. She was always the pest. Now the tables are turned! You know – payback is heck!