My very own thermofax screen play

Wow! I finally have my very own designs on thermofax screens.

My art and my thermofax screens
My art and my thermofax screens

The images for thermofax screens need to be high resolution black and white jpgs or pdfs. For the top print I used spools that I stamped with paint. I didn’t want the spools to be perfect so I chose those images that were missing some paint, scanned them in the computer, and then played with them in Photoshop Elements. The other image is just something I drew and scanned into PSE and cleaned up.

Then I emailed those jpgs to my a new friend, Marilyn Fischer, who I met in Shelbyville, Ky at Jane Lafazio’s Sketching and Watercolor Class. Marilyn is now providing thermofax screen service and I will be definitely be ordering more! See bottom of post for Marilyn’s prices and contact info.

So let’s see what I did with them. I printed over some gelli plate printed pieces done awhile back.

Two of my screen printed fabrics
Two of my screen printed fabrics

And closeups of those pieces.

Closeup of thermofaxed screen prints

Thermofax screen prints

Thermofax screen printed fabric
Another piece

And the closeup.

Closeup of thermofax screen print

Closeup of thermofax screen print
Another piece

If you’d like to have your designs on thermofax screens you can contact Marilyn at

The following prices are for high resolution black and white jpg images ready for her to make into screens:

  • small (4×5 or 5×5) –¬† $5
  • medium (5×8) – $8
  • large (7 x 10) – $10

If you want your screens duck taped, let her know and she’ll do that for a small charge. She taped one of mine and I taped the other. It’s real easy to do. Shipping is also not included in that price. Email her for more information. She does take paypal.

A gift certificate from Marilyn for your crafty friends would make a great Christmas gifts!

Marilyn, thanks for making those screens for me.

That was so much fun and really easy to do. I have some other ideas for screens that I’d like to try so I’ll be sending more artwork her way!