Thrift Store Find Plus My Fabric

Yes, you read right! I am using some of that fabric I’ve been making! Well, just a little piece, but still it’s a start.

I found this cool linen shirt when I was thrift shopping. I usually don’t like to buy linen since it never behaves looks like I think it should, but this one was so special.

Thrift Store Linen Shirt
Thrift store linen shirt

What caught my eye were all of the beads dangling down. Way too cute and just $3. I couldn’t believe when I saw the original price tag that was still on the garment. It had never been worn!

Closeup of price tag and beads
Closeup of price tag and beads

$62! I can’t believe anyone would pay $62 for this shirt even with all of these beads. However, $3 is another story.

I thought it needed just a little touch me – a small piece of my fabric. Remember this screenprinted piece?

screen printing up close
screen printing up close

I cut a piece and sewed it to my thrift shirt. And here it is!

Thrift linen shirt with screenprinted fabric
Thrift linen shirt with screen printed fabric

And a closeup.

Closeup of thrift linen shirt
Closeup of thrift linen shirt with beads and screen printed fabric

Love it! It’s neat to be able to add my personal touch to a recycled ready-made garment.

This reminded me of years ago when I pieced log cabin blocks and added them to the neck of sweatshirts. Back then I gave some of them for Christmas presents. I found this one in my closet the other day while I was looking for something else to wear to a Christmas party. I used to love to wear this one, but haven’t for at least 20 years ago when I made them in mass.

Log cabin pieced sweatshirt neckline
Log cabin pieced sweatshirt neckline

I’ve come to the conclusion that since I probably will never not make any clothing for myself, I can add my fabric creations to existing garments. If they are thrift finds, that is even better. And that really works for me.