Book Review & Giveaway: Vibrant Quilt Collage


Here is the last of three Monday giveaways of books: Vibrant Quilt Collage – a spontaneous approach to fused art quilts by Bethan Ash published by Interweave.

Vibrant Quilt Collage by Bethan Ash
Vibrant Quilt Collage by Bethan Ash

From the Publisher:

Explore this groundbreaking book that will teach you how to create unique and expressive quilts by going beyond conventional patchwork using improvisational collage techniques and fusing.

In Vibrant Quilt Collage, author Bethan Ash, known for her rich and colorful quilt designs, shows you how to use hand and machine stitching as a final embellishment to the quilted piece. Learn to instinctively cut fabric shapes without the use of rulers or templates, layer them on a prepared background, and attach them with fusible web. Once the fabrics are secured by fusing, you’re free to use more or less stitching as a final embellishment.

In clear, easy-to-follow text, discover invaluable information on methods, materials, techniques, and composition. Illustrated with many of Bethan’s quilts and additional examples of state-of-the-art fused quilts from around the world, this book is a visual feast of color and pattern. Artistic influences are evident throughout, from Matisse’s bright paper cutouts to pop art and mid-century design.

Bethan starts the book by encouraging the reader to throw away templates and use his/her imagination to create art quilts. “Don’t let traditional concepts and ideals hold you back from real discoveries and new possibilities – take a step forward and choose a way of working in which everything can be done but nothing is ‘wrong.'” I like that!!

An improvised approach in Vibrant Quilt Collage
An improvised approach in Vibrant Quilt Collage

The author divided the book in six sections:

  • Before We Begin (which included information on working with fabric, surface design techniques and finishing)
  • Instinctive Abstracts
  • Inspiration and Intuition
  • Color, Composition, and Surface Effects
  • Design and Creative Play
  • Disregarding the Rules

Within these chapters she provides interesting exercises including using simple shapes, vertical lines, solid and painted fabrics, skeletal shapes,  poem, text or words as imagery, and shape and stitch.

Using Vertical Lines from Vibrant Quilt Collage
Using Vertical Lines from Vibrant Quilt Collage
Using Skeletal Shapes in Vibrant Quilt Collage
Using Skeletal Shapes in Vibrant Quilt Collage

Even though there are exercises in this book, I don’t see this as a how-to-book. This book is meant to inspire the reader to create. She definitely has accomplished that goal with pages chocked full of beautiful, colorful art quilts. I found most of her art absolutely beautiful and fun, although a few pieces were way too wild for my taste. But all in all, this is a great book for that art quilt maker who wants to be inspired and pushed out of his/her comfort zone.

Vibrant Quilt Collage contains 128 pages, retails for $26.95 and available through your favorite bookseller or direct from Interweave.

Now for the giveaway. You can win this book just by commenting on this blog post. Commenting via email, on Open Salon or Facebook will NOT enter you in this contest. You must comment to this blog post on the Bloombakecreate blog to be entered in the giveaway. The deadline for this giveaway is Monday, December 10, 2012 at 8 a.m. CST. Due to postage costs, if you are not a US resident and would be willing to pay the cost of postage over US cost, please feel free to join in on this giveaway. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. I was under no obligation to offer a positive review and received no monetary compensation. The giveaway prize being offered is the review copy I received.