Mary wrote her life story!

I just have to share with you a blessing I received this week. It was wonderful after all of the sadness that we’ve all experienced since last Friday.

Two years ago I taught one of my “Writing Your Story” classes at a local university. I blogged about the class on this post. Below are a few pages from mine.

Writing Your Story
Writing Your Story

This week I met with one of my students, Mary, who actually finished her story. And she gave me a copy!

Now this is a book!

Mary's Life Story
Mary’s Life Story

I absolutely love all of the pictures on both the front and the back of this book.

Back of Mary's book
Back of Mary’s book

Inside are 174 pages of stories and pictures – so priceless for her large family to cherish long after she’s gone, but also helpful for them to know her better while she’s here. What a gift she’s given her family.

Inside Mary's book
Inside Mary’s Life Story
Another spread from Mary's book
Another spread from Mary’s book

However, she still has stories to tell and she’s talking about a cookbook with stories. That will be wonderful! I’m looking forward to reading that one too.

It was a lovely day. We had lunch at a local restaurant in her town and then spent time at her home eating some of her yummy cookies and talking about our families. What a gift she gave me that day – not just the lovely book but the opportunity to spend time with this interesting lady.