Our Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Every Christmas we make each other ornaments. This all started back in 2005 – our first Christmas together. Dave blogs about this ornament and our tradition.

Dave's 2005 ornament
Dave’s 2005 ornament

I decided that I’d start to make us an ornament each year too. Before I show you the one I made for Dave, here is the one he made for me. Inside this ornament is peppers from the garden. He blogs about the peppers and his ornament here.

Dave's 2012 Ornament
Dave’s 2012 Ornament

I love that it has his homegrown peppers peeking out and the two messages: Peace and Joy.

For my ornament I wanted to make something soft. I bought this shirt years ago at a thrift store. It was too big for me, but I  purchased it to cut up and make ornaments or put the angels on a wall hanging. I dug out the material from my stash and started playing.

Angel Shirt
Cut up angel shirt

I cut out an angel and ironed her onto heavy weight fusible Pellon and backed with flannel. I then cut it out closer to the design. I was going to stitch around the angel, but decided it was fine the way it was. I colored the white fusible edges with one of my favorite black markers, the Dotta Riffic.

My 2012 homemade ornament
My 2012 homemade ornament

I could have added some hand stitching, but I loved her just the way she was.

The back of my 2012 ornament
The back of my 2012 ornament

To keep with this angel theme, I scanned her and added her to his Christmas card. Here is the card and the ornament together.

My ornament and card
My 2012 Christmas card and ornament

Although we decided to pare down our traditions this year, this is one I’m glad we kept.