Happy Holidays!

This year we broke with tradition and decided to buy our Christmas Cards. I found these cuties at Barnes and Noble and thought they said it all for this year’s festivities.

Christmas Card 2012
Christmas Card 2012

I love traditions, but sometimes they need to be broken. In addition to not making cards, I didn’t make biscotti or any cookies this year! I’ve made biscotti for a long time, but this year I decided not to. I didn’t make or give presents. We also did not buy a real tree because of Ace. We still decorated but kept those pretty low key.

Sometimes traditions really keep us from enjoying this time of the year (or really any holiday). We have all of this stuff we think we need to do and if we don’t do it, the tradition police will come and get us. Also, we hate to disappoint friends (and family). But we need to decide for ourselves what makes our lives less stressful. And for this year, this was our way of making it a nicer holiday.

That said, I hope you are all enjoying your holiday. We may have some snow for Christmas Day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

One of the traditions we are keeping is making an ornament for our tree. Mine is done but I can’t reveal it yet since it’s a secret!

However your chose to celebrate the holidays, I wish you peace and happiness. Thank you so much for spending some time here visiting and reading about my life adventures. I treasure each and every one of your comments, emails, and voice messages.