Orchid Escape: Girls Day Out

Yesterday I joined three friends/fellow master gardeners for a girls day out at the Orchid Escape  in Amazonia at the Evansville Mesker Zoo & Botanical Garden.

If you are in the area, the Orchid Escape will be going on through March 16.  In addition to the hundreds of orchids, it sure felt good to walk from the cold outside temps to the lush 75 degree South American climate. But even if you miss the orchids, spending time in Amazonia is well worth the time.

I’ve never been interested in orchids. To me, they are up there with the other “high maintenance” plants that I have little time, energy, or patience for. But I felt like I needed to stretch a bit and it had been a long time since I’ve been through Amazonia. Also, it would be nice to spend time with these three interesting women.

I was really surprised and kind of disappointed with my attitude all of these years. Just because I don’t want to mess with them, I could still love them and after yesterday – I do!

Welcome to Amazonia
Welcome to Amazonia

Here are just a few of the beautiful orchids.



And, of course, have to have a picture of the group.

Gail, me, Barbara, and Chris

What a fun day – good company and beautiful plants.