Stop Two: Sydney Part 1

This was our second stop on our Bucket List tour of Australia. Pictures and info on our first stop at Melbourne can be found here and here.

So we were on to Sydney where we stayed in a Bed and Breakfast or what they called a Boutique Hotel in Potts Point, a semi-short walk to Circular Quay and the Sydney Opera House.

stained glass window
Lovely stained glass window in our bed and breakfast

Our first challenge was to find the stairs that would take us to our destination. After we walked in circles we finally found the the portal! And bigger than life was a sign!

We found the portal to take us to Sydney

Here are the stairs looking backward. Looks like the stairway to heaven! You can’t even see the top of it in this picture. After being in Australia a couple days, I emailed my friend Amy to describe this beautiful country in three words: steps, steps, steps! We did enjoy all of our walking.

Stairway to Sydney
McElhone Stairs
Interesting utility cover
Love this utility cover
Interesting sign

On the way back we stopped by Harry’s and got something to drink. This place has lots of history and as you can see is quite popular.

Harry's Cafe de Wheels
Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

We walked up more stairs ending up at the Royal Botanical Gardens gates. The opera house was just beyond the gardens.

Royal Botanical Gardens Gates
Royal Botanical Gardens Gates

We didn’t spend much time here as we were on a mission to see the opera house, but here are a couple shots.

Sydney Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Garden Sydney

scarecrow at Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney

And as we walked we came to the water’s edge and there in the distance we saw the opera house.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

I really couldn’t believe we were actually here!


Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House
Inside the opera house

We took the tour and learned all about the history of this magnificent structure. But before taking the tour I had to visit the bathroom and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.

Sydney Opera House bathroom
Women’s bathroom

We couldn’t take pictures inside, but I liked this outside structural element.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House
Back of the opera house

Then on to Circular Quay. We met a sweet couple from England. I offered to take their picture in front of the Harbour Bridge, so they took our picture.

Sydney Harbor Bridge
Dave and I in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

While we were standing talking with this couple, some students from a local school were on a scavenger hunt and needed to take a picture of tourists. So together with that couple and some students, our picture was taken for their hunt. Guess there was no hiding that we were tourists!

Circular Quay

Now we were on to The Rocks where there was a craft fair in progress. For some reason I only took one picture of the fair!

The Rocks

Well, that’s all for that day. I have one more post on Sydney. Way too much to share in this one.