Marbling over previously marbled fabric

I’ve really been having fun with this marbling on fabric. I decided to take some of those least loved marbled pieces and marble over them to see if that would improve them. I’ve taken pictures before and then again after overmarbling so I could see the difference.

Overmarbled Fabrics
Overmarbled Fabrics

This time I used a different paint – Liquitex Soft Body – in basically the same colors as in my first marbling post: Cerulean Blue, Soft White, Mars Black, Yellow Oxide, Quinacrodone Magenta, and Chromium Oxide Green. I wanted to compare the paints and from this experiment Liquitex Soft Body works about the same as Golden Liquid Acrylics and at half the price. But more experimenting is needed!

Here is how some of my overmarbling turned out. The next three sets of fabric show the original marbled piece and then that piece overmarbled.

Overmarbled fabric

Overmarbled fabric

Ovemarbled material

The following fabric I had not marbled yet but used this opportunity to marble it. The first picture is the original commercially-dyed fabric. The next two are those same pieces, marbled.

Marbled Material


Below is one of the patterns on the size (water bath). The pattern doesn’t look like this on the material because I put it on previously dyed fabric. If you look at the above fabric, that is the design on the fabric. Quite a bit different.

Design before fabric laid on top.
Design before fabric laid on top

I think I like the overmarbling especially with those pieces I just didn’t really like marbled once. However, it is harder to visualize how the design will look over the previously marbled fabric so again it’s a big surprise. I found a couple pieces that I really didn’t like how I had dyed them originally, didn’t like the marbling, and then didn’t like them over marbled. Reminds me of the ole “crap in, crap out.” My new friend Marilyn suggested I cut them up. Sound like a great idea!

I love hearing from you – your ideas and questions. What would you make with this material?

That’s all for today. I’ve been bitten by the marbling bug!