Craft Tutorial: Easy T-shirt Necklace Scarf

Since I’ve had so many people ask me how I made this when they see me out with this scarf,  I decided to post my instructions. Easy peasy!

T-shirt necklace/scarf
T-shirt necklace scarf

It is so easy! Take a t-shirt. It can be short or long sleeved. I picked this one up at the local thrift store. I didn’t take pics of the process, but hope this makes sense.

Lay out your t-shirt and cut the top part off under the arm holes.

t shirt cut up
t shirt cut up

Put the top away for another project. Take that bottom half  and cut 3/4 – 1 inch wide fringe from the hem up. Cut them as long as you want.

tshirt necklace scarf
t-shirt necklace scarf

Now put this piece over your head. Mine was extra large so I was able to loop it around my neck twice. And there you have it.

Some tips/ideas for you:

  • Some t-shirts don’t want to be made into these scarves. The one above is 100% cotton. It was soft and had some give it it. I tried making one out of an old t-shirt I had that was 100% cotton and it was as stiff as a board and did not work.
  • Think about color. I bought this t-shirt that I would never wear. First of all it was too large. It also had a cowgirl theme which I don’t really care for. However, I loved the colors and the pattern is not identifiable when I’m wearing it.
  • This can be made of other materials besides cotton. Just remember that since it is twisted around, the inside of the shirt may show which you might not want.
  • The cut edge could have been sewn up to make it more finished but when wearing it, the raw edge isn’t seen.
  • Use a white shirt, cut it, and then dye it. Or dye it and then cut it and add beads.

I really love this scarf. It provides some color at my face and also keeps my neck warm. And people think I’m so creative! I sure have them fooled!!