Ode to our dear cherry tree

Yesterday was a sad day here at Happy Acres. Our tree guys came out and proceeded to cut down the assigned trees – most of them were dead. However, in their zeal to cut down the old apple trees they also cut down our beloved cherry tree. I was not only angry but so sad.

Cherry Tree
Our Cherry Tree 2011

Every Spring I love walking down to this tree, checking on the cherries and harvesting them when they ripened. I’d make a cobbler and put the rest in the freezer.

We planted three cherry trees when we moved in here – one has since died, one is struggling, and one is doing fine, but it will be years before we get much from these trees.

Aside from the fact that a good fruit bearing tree was cut down, the cherry tree is so symbolic for Dave and I.

Our Cherry Tree
Our Cherry Tree 2010

I’ve written about this before, but for those who are new to my blog, I’ve always loved cherries. We had a cherry tree in our side yard when I was growing up.  I loved mom’s cherry pies!

In the past I tried to make it down to the local farmer’s market every summer at the end of May to buy some cherries from one of the vendors. I had to get there early since they were a popular item.

Fast forward many years to meeting Dave. As he was telling me about his property he mentioned that he had cherry trees. “I just LOVE cherries” I exclaimed.  “These are not sweet cherries,” he explained thinking that I’d be disappointed. I was so excited.  I love the sour cherries even more! I decided then and there that we were a match!

When we bought this house we knew there were apple and peach trees and blueberries, but we didn’t know until a couple months after moving in that we had a cherry tree here. We knew then and there that we had picked the right place to settle down.

Almost ready to pick in 2010
Almost ready to pick in 2010

So losing this cherry tree – not by old age or disease – is not only heartbreaking for the tree but because of the symbolism. Yes, we’ll plant a couple trees to replace it and this year we’ll head up to the U-Pick to get some for the freezer, but it won’t be the same.

I guess I should be sad for the old elm that they cut down yesterday – the main reason we called the tree guys out. We lost the other elm a couple years ago. We had treated this one in hopes it wouldn’t die too but to no avail. It’s been dead for the last year, losing large limbs – a hazard to walk near. This loss changes our backyard once again. The top of the slope garden is no longer in shade so I’ll be moving the hostas to another area. I hope this is the last time we have to cut down trees.

On the bright side, where they cut down the peach trees, our new trees will have room to grow and spread.